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Wake Up, Hanuman!
August - September 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Wake Up Hanuman! The Adventure of the Monkey Guards” is an immersive theatrical experience that takes children on a journey through a nighttime, jungle labyrinth to recover Hanuman from Big T - the evil demon king who has destroyed the jungle with fire.


On their journey they encounter a wise old Sage who sets them off on their adventure, followed by the Pink Monkey and the enchanting Mermaid. When they eventually find Hanuman, he is under a spell and fast asleep so they must work together, harnessing their unique powers, to break the spell.

The Sage pretending Big T.jpg
Cast & Creatives

Created and directed by Marisa Marchitelli

Director: Marisa Marchitelli

Artistic Director: Marisa Marchitelli

Assistant Director: Michael DeMinico

Creative Consultant: Sai Somboon

Sound Director: Alex Boyesen

Sound Assistants: Term S. Wanna, Hjlamer Boyesen

Production Manager: InGroup Asia

Video: Pachara Tanjariyanond


Artun Arwae
Phalat Siripatanakulkajorn
Samapong Krueayu
Siriluk Tomla
Emma Carroll
Waewdao Sirisook
Pasuta Fongrat
Maida Gayle
Sutthamon Worapong
Prach Anusin
Sahatsawat Thatip
Piengrawee Sirisook

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