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Glom is a groundbreaking Chiang Mai-based theatre company redefining what it means to experience live performance art in Northern Thailand through direct sensory experiences.

Our vision is to elevate Chiang Mai and unearth its raw and exceptional talent by providing never-before-seen opportunities to Northern Thailand's creative sphere.

Founded in 2022, our underlying mission is to push boundaries and expand the horizon of what is creatively possible through interactive, sensory events that go far beyond the traditional stage. Founded by amateurs and guided by professionals, Glom is more than just a theatre group – we're on a journey of self-discovery and exploration into the very heart of the human condition.

And may we always do so.

The Glomcept


Glom believes that social media causes more problems than it fixes. With few event-specific exceptions, we try to keep away from social media and focus on the here and now using physical and alternative digital platforms.

Our events are strictly no device zones – we like our audiences to witness our production through their own eyes, not through a screen.


We also operate a strict no mask policy at all of our events (with the exception of N95 masks during heavy Chiang Mai smog) – we strongly believe that people, and especially children, should be able to see a full face and facial expressions during all interactions for the betterment of social understanding and development.

Our Team


Our Wider Team

Our wider team consists of passionate amateurs and seasoned professionals who helps guide our productions in a multitude of ways. Collaborators are seasonal, project-based, permanent and fleeting. They include celebrities, nobodies, seasoned professionals and young visionaries.

Contact Us

Are you an investor or interested party looking to support arts in Chiang Mai?

Are you an artist, musician or performer?

Do you have a creative performance you want us to help make a reality?

Send us an email, share your pitch or portfolio or get in touch directly with our team

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