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Our vision is to elevate Chiang Mai and unearth its raw and exceptional talent by providing never-before-seen opportunities to Northern Thailand's creative sphere.

This is our work


January 2024 – Glom Glom! Children's Festival
January 2023 – Glom Glom! A Sing-a-long Children's Concert
Children's Festival

GLOM GLOM! Children's Festival is Chiang Mai's newest children's day festival packed with fun and creative connection for all the family. Meet and play with the whacky characters, master something new in an artsy workshops, witness a secret theatre performance or romp around the Pom Pom Playground!

Main Show written and performed by Emma Carrol
Created and devised by Glom
Wake Up

“Wake Up Hanuman! The Adventure of the Monkey Guards” is an immersive theatrical experience that takes children on a journey through a nighttime, jungle labyrinth to recover Hanuman from Big T - the evil demon king who has destroyed the jungle with fire. 

Created and directed by Marisa Marchitelli in collaboration with Part Time Theatre

August 2023 – Chiang Mai, Thailand

July 2023 – Chiang Mai, Thailand
July 2024 – Bangkok, Thailand
IBM 1401

IBM1401 is a Contemporary Dance Performance that explores the complex relationship between humans and machines in an era of increasing estrangement. The performance is accompanied by a live string ensemble.

Created and devised by Glom in collaboration with Lanyim Theatre (2023) and Chulalongkorn Dramatic Arts Department (2024)
Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival

The Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival is a week-long themed performing arts festival running across Chiang  Mai. The festival collaborates with various theatre groups as well as showcasing Glom-produced content in ticketed shows and public performances across town. 2023 was its first year under the theme "Pantomime Planet", with a slew of impressive local and international acts.

Created and devised by Glom
Produced by Nonthawat Machai

October 2023 – Pantomime Planet

October 2023 – Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Chaplin's Melody

A multi-media performance and live piano concert written, composed and performed by the PiANOLOGIST. Audiences are taken behind the silent screen, deep into Charlie's soul, through the charm of his own melodies, in contrast with a cast of hilarious performers re-enacting his most iconic movie scenes. Performed at the Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival 2023. 

Created and directed by Jonas Dept
Glom Dream Wagon

The inception of Glom Dream Wagon can be traced back to W, the founder and executive director of Glom. Inspired by Punch Drunk's 'Lost Lending Library' - where children stepped into a fantastical immersive world which led to the creation of their own stories - W conceived the idea of a mobile theatre that could venture into the outskirts of Chiang Mai province, bringing the magic of live performances to underserved communities and leaving a lasting impact on the children of the region. 

Created and devised by Glom in collaboration
with Part Time Theatre

December 2023 – Akynum, The Dream Book

November 2022 – Chiang Mai, Thailand 
The Legend of the White Crow

The Legend of the White Crow is an immersive family experience that celebrates the magic of Loy Krathong through interactive Lanna performance combined with traditional crafts-making, fire-dancing, quirky theatrical surprises and even some magic! 

Created and devised by Glom in collaboration with Sirisook Dance Theatre and Maiiam Lanna Ensemble
Frame 24.png
Chiang Mai Talent

Glom's creative attempt to uncover the best talent in Chiang Mai through a live shoot TV-style talent audition show with cash prizes and an end-of-year concert.

A panel of Glom and celebrity judges are on the hunt for the best talent in Northern Thailand, expanding the horizons of what is defined as talent – from musicians and singers to theatre performers, street actors, folk performance, comedy, tragedy, traditional art and alternative interactive performance art. 

Created and devised by Glom

2024 – Series 1, Chiang Mai, Thailand
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