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 Glom Dream Wagon 
Image by Rabhimbh Bardhan
Glom Dream Wagon: 
Akynum "The Dream Book"
August - September 2022
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The inception of Glom Dream Wagon can be traced back to W, the founder and executive director of Glom, a Chiang Mai-based theater company founded in 2022. Inspired by Punch Drunk's 'Lost Lending Library' - where children stepped into a fantastical immersive world which led to the creation of their own stories - W conceived the idea of a mobile theater that could venture into the outskirts of Chiang Mai province, bringing the magic of live performances to underserved communities and leaving a lasting impact on the children of the region. Driven by the mission to inspire and engage young minds, W's vision materialized into the Glom Dream Wagon. 


Collaborating with Part Time Theatre, a talented troupe was assembled, led by director and writer Pingpong, with the dedicated efforts of producer Atun. This partnership had roots tracing back to Glom's initial production, 'Wake Up, Hanuman! Adventure of the Monkey Guards,' where both Pingpong and Atun played pivotal roles under the direction of Glom’s now Artistic Director, Marisa Marchitelli.


The culmination of this collaboration was 'Akynum, The Dream Book,' a production that not only showcased the creativity and talent of the team but also addressed the logistical challenges of taking a full-fledged theatrical experience on the road.


As Glom Dream Wagon embarked on its 30-day tour from December 2023 - January 2024, the impact on the children in remote areas, and even the performers themselves, was profound. The concept that started as a vision in W's mind transformed into a tangible force, inspiring young minds and bringing the joy of live theater to those with little exposure to it. In this behind-the-scenes exploration, we unravel the inception, challenges, and triumphs of Glom Dream Wagon – a testament to the power of innovative thinking and the ability of theater to reach beyond conventional boundaries.

Cast & Creatives

A collaboration between Part Time Theatre and Glom.

Producer: Artun Arwae

Director: Phalat Siripatanakulkajorn

Artistic Director: Marisa Marchitelli

Playwright: Samapong Krueayu

Choreographer: Vasan Mahakiattikun

Songwriter: Weerabhat Boonma

Art Director: Kwanruean Lohakad

Stage Managers:

Chonthiya Jittakum

Witchayapong Piyathayanon

Makeup and Costume:

Natthakitti Boonyawiwat

Natthakit Kaewkoed

Documentary: Chatchai Sukanan

Video: Nutchwarapol Vongsoontorn

Poster: Chattharika Charoenkul


Artun Arwae

Samapong Krueayu

Pongsagorn Chaimongkol

Kwanruean Lohakad


Prach Anusin

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