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Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival 2023
Pantomime Planet
21-29 October 2023
Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Chiang Mai Performing Arts Festival 2023 is a 9-day Pantomime Planet themed performing arts festival running across Chiang Mai city from October 21 to 29. 

Everyone is invited to enjoy the many performances and activities that will take place simultaneously throughout Chiang Mai across the week, including full-scale theatre performances at Jing Jai Warehouse and public space shows in places like Thapae Gate and Chiang Mai University. 

Public space performances are entirely free and encourage youth and kids to get involved through interactive activities and workshops.

For Stage Shows, bringing 5 groups of artists creating colorful interpretations of pantomime in their own style. This year’s lineup includes both local and international artists from Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Japan. Names of groups include Babymime Show, Ta Lent Show, House of Mask and Mime, Obake お化け and Chiang Mai Based Artist Glom and Lanyim Theatre.

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Cast & Creatives

Produced by Nonthawat Machai

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