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Chaplin's Melody
October 2023
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Charlie Chaplin was just five years old when he first enthralled a crowd of drunk soldiers in a London canteen. This early glimpse of recognition paved the way out of a childhood marked by poverty and hardship.

From vaudeville to silent cinema, the performer accidentally fell into the world of comedy. The "Tramp" persona he created - short moustache, baggy pants, big shoes and tiny bowler hat - catapulted Chaplin to unwavering stardom.

But behind the character he played so diligently lived a man who "had great ambitions to be a concert artist but, as time went on, realised that [he] could never achieve excellence, and gave it all up…"

Sir Chaplin's life-long passion for music always remained one beat too far from reach.

In this concert, the PiANOLOGIST & friends take the audience behind the silent screen, deep into Charlie's soul, through the charm of his own melodies, in contrast with a cast of hilarious performers re-enacting his most iconic movie scenes.

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Cast & Creatives

Created and directed by Jonas Dept (The PiANOLOGIST)

Find out more about the PiANOLOGIST here

Director: Jonas Dept

Artistic Director: Marisa Marchitelli

Stage Manager: Siriluk Tomla

Production Manager: Siriluk Tomla


Prach Anusin

Pasuta Fongrat

Piyanan Atsawaworakan

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